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Can anyone learn to sing?

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Can anyone learn to sing?

As any professional working and teaching in the performing arts will tell you this is a popular question that gets asked time and again, especially by new people thinking of joining a choir or taking singing lessons. We all aspire to the beautiful voices we often hear on radio, TV or the internet and think – can I sing like that one day or is this a gift we are born with? Indeed it’s a common belief held by many that you either “can sing” or “you can’t”.

There is very little scientific evidence either way to back up the beliefs or myths around singing ability; although it is highly probable, like any talents from painting to woodwork, that certain people have a natural talent that is there from the beginning. Remembering back to our school days there was always a handful of people better at Maths or English and singing is no different. However what makes a good singer or a beautiful voice is a very subjective thing, as each of us have different views on what sounds good.

Even within the music industry there are some very talented musical professionals creating amazing sounds but you could still argue that they are not good singers. We may not always like the technique or tone used in particular voice we hear. Like everything in life we all have good and bad habits – things we’ve learned, with or without training, that help or hinder the range and quality of sounds we produce.

One thing we are born with however is the ability to learn. So the question really is – can I learn to sing better? – to improve my singing technique and learn to use the voice as wonderful instrument? The answer is undoubtedly “Yes you can”. By learning techniques and practicing frequently you can improve your singing voice.

You could argue that all of the above is avoiding the real question. “If my friends describe me as tone deaf and a dreadful singer can I still learn to sing?”  Many may not agree with me but on balance I would say “Yes”. Although it will depend on how willing and committed you are and what you’re setting your sites on, singing for fun or for a living. The later takes years of dedication, training and hard work.

So where do you start? Well on the internet there are lots and lots of websites and videos that show vocal training techniques, many of them free. With sites like YouTube it’s very easy to find music you like with all the lyrics so you can just sing along. But you need to be careful, the voice is not just an instrument – it’s a muscle and a part of your body that can be damaged or strained just like any other part. If you’re going to train your voice you need to train properly and we would always advise to take lessons or join a choir or some other professional group.

Being a part of choir or group of singers allows you to learn in relative safety where you can discuss techniques – what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. Make sure you are receiving instruction from a qualified professional with a good track record and proven history of coaching others. Above all else, enjoy singing and have fun.

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