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Music in the News

For those not on social media such as Facebook – here are a couple of interesting articles on how the study and play with music can be really beneficial to the development of our children. Not a political argument here, just hard facts that music has an important role to play in our kids’ education but unfortunately in the current climate this is often overlooked or phased out in our schools.

I remember years ago in church our own children being discouraged from going anywhere near the Piano least it be damaged. It took years and lots of conversations before they were finally trusted to play music on it for real even when they were having lessons. Now sadly the Piano gathers dust and the accompanying music to worship songs often comes from a CD or laptop.

One day we could be saying where has all the music in our lives gone if we stamp it out of our schools. It’s not “Rocket Science”.

Study Explores Relationship Between Music Education and Academic Performance

Jamming with your toddler: how music trumps reading for childhood development

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