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Stannington Choirs New Home

In case you haven’t heard Stannington Mixed Choir has moved to a new location on the edge of Stannington at Underbank Unitarian Chapel. This is on the B6076 Stannington Road going towards Dungworth where it becomes Stopes Road. Our new location is just a few minutes walk from Stannington and set in the lovely countryside overlooking the Loxley valley towards Bradfield.

The map location can be found here or follow your Sat Nav to S6 6AP. As you head out of Stannington towards Dungworth and the Our Cow Molly Ice Cream Parlour, the Underbank Chapel is on the right and the school rooms where we rehearse are on the left-hand side of the road.

During the partial lifting of restrictions, we have been rehearsing outside in the gardens behind the school run. It’s been great fun to get a few of us back together again on the warm sunny evenings and we have been very luck with the weather so far.

The choir is having a short break for summer during August as many people are away trying to enjoy the holiday season. Then hopefully we will return to normal indoor full rehearsals on the 2nd September. The rehearsals will be indoors every Thursday evening starting at 7:15pm and ending at around 9:30pm. We usually have a short break for refreshments around 8:30pm. This all had to stop during Covid but we hope we can return to this normal pattern of rehearsing assuming all goes well and there are no more restrictions or lock downs.

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