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Stannington Mixed Choir is a friendly community group of singers based in Sheffield. This is a list of frequently asked questions but if you have any other queries please get in touch at the link below.

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Can I give the choir a try?

Yes. You’re welcome to visit us and give it a try for a few weeks at no cost. If you find it’s not quite to your liking there is no obligation to stay.

Is there an Audition?

No. We don’t usually audition as we are a community based choir and invite all who love to sing to give it a try. We do sing in sections: Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Base, which group you join will depend on your vocal range and occasionally the balance of the choir parts if we have too many in one section.

How much does it cost?

The sheet music we buy for everyone costs a lot of money as does the hire of the hall so we ask for a small monthly subscription of just £13.00 if you decide to join us. Refreshments are provided free of charge.

When and where do you meet?

We meet each week on Thursday evening at Underbank Chapel School Rooms, Stannington Road, Sheffield at 7:15 for a 7:30 start. We finish at 9:30 and have a short tea/coffee break in the middle. For Sat Navs please use post code S6 6AP or follow the link below.

Do I need to read music?

No. While the ability to read music is an advantage we welcome people from all backgrounds and many of our members do not read music. We learn together each section of music and we teach each other how to follow the music scores.

Do I need to perform in public?

Our choir aims to spread the benefits of singing to all and performing is a part of that so we do expect everyone to attend and sing in performances. We sing in public around 3-4 times a year including Christmas Carol concerts and while this may seem scary at first we all support each other. Singing in a concert is a very exciting and rewarding part of being in the choir.

Do we wear a uniform?

When we perform in public we usually wear black (full sleeve shirts and trousers for men and dresses or blouse and trousers for the women). The choir provides matching scarves for the women and ties for men. This gives our choir a professional looking style when singing in the concerts with the least cost to the individual.

Are you a Church Choir?

We hire a room at Underbank Church, however we are not affiliated to any church and we are not a religious organisation. We welcome anyone who can sing regardless of their faith or religion but we do occasionally sing songs with religious content such as Christmas carols.

What type of music do you sing?

We sing all types of music provided it can be split in to parts for the vocal ranges of the choir.  We sing everything from Pop, Rock, Classic, Jazz, Soul and Theatre. See our repertoire link below:-

For more information click the link below and get in touch with us:-

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