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No Identity Singing Group

If you really enjoy singing and you are in year 6 and above then this group (“No Identity”) could be for you. In partnership with our choir we have a totally separate class of talented young adults that have come together to make extraordinary and amazing sounds.

Along with some incredible musicians it’s a chance to learn music and sing popular songs that are suggested by the group. You will get the chance to sing solo and as a group and explore harmonies, mash-ups and song composition.

You could be the next Ed-Sheeran or the newest Sheffield band to rival Arctic Monkeys or Pulp. They all started from humble beginnings.


We meet in the same venue – Stannington Knowl Top Chapel, Sheffield on the same Thursday evening as the full choir but at the slightly earlier time of 6pm, and the charge is just £2.00.

Musical stardom starts here with your chance to sing in public with the group “No Identity” at their next concert. To find out more simply come along and give it a try or contact us below for more information.

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